• Wukong: Although Wukong has a reckless temper and shows impatience, he is not annoying. His weapon
    is the golden cudgel, which restores the ability to change the size. In certain levels, players can create a
    platform and block ranged attacks with the bigger cudgel.
  • Ki Hong: Although Ki Hong's sensitivity is lower than other characters, his special ability can make his body
    inflate like a balloon to keep the flying condition.
  • Sanzang: Sanzang is the super brain of the whole team that always in meditation. He can use spell to
    open the hidden gear through wall rebound, and reach some certain areas that others can't touch.
  • Sandmonk: Sandmonk is a powerful character while keeps humble. He can crush stone that blocking the
    road ahead, and cause great damage to enemies.
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